Saverina Koletsi

Saverina Koletsi

Saverina Koletsi
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Nescafe Mug Cake

How To Make A NESCAFÉ Mug Cake For going down memory lane with Nescafé in all the places I've lived in the world, especially Africa. I have several of these Nescafé mugs :-) Half recipe and only use 1 tbsp oil.

Yoga Therapies  for Combatting Anxiety and Depression

Stress is a silent killer, and getting into a state of peace sometimes seems impossible. It is the way our world has changed. Fast, modern, and terribly unhealthy lifestyle causes even more deaths than ever. Today, people get stuck with diseases they

35 Easy DIY Gift Ideas That Everyone Will Love

Gift Idea - Pull-out Photo Album. Buy boxes and cardstock from a craft store and put your photos on. What a cute idea! Great for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or for a grandparent. Decorate the box for Christmas and it's a thoughtful Christmas gift too.