Learn our 3 EASY steps to fixing your broken ceramics!

VIDEO: Discover How to “Unbreak” Broken Ceramics

How to Fix Broken Pottery (The art of Kintsugi). You'll Need: Epoxy for ceramic, Gold mica powder, paper plate, toothpick or end of matchstick.

Chat 3d en fil de fer et papier mâché

objetos de papel maché y cartapesta . abstract animals and complimentary color schemes (middle school)


The Challenge Sami Mohammad. Whenever we look at Sami Mohammed’s sculptures we feel the pain and suppression because we sympathize with his characters and unit with them.

George Lafayette Teale Street Sculpture Studio - artwork-instructors

George Lafayette Teale Street Sculpture Studio - artwork-instructors I love this for some reason!

Harumi Nakashima sculpture

Japanese artist Harumi Nakashima creates free-form ceramic sculptures that feature organic, yet psychedelic characteristics. Nakashima, mostly known for beautifully-structured, odd geometric shapes…

Jessica Drenk (books drenched in wax and sculpted)

Jessica Drenk

Paper mache

You are viewing an entirely handmade papier mache art doll in bright colors hanging from a trapeze and holding a large red ball. Measuring approximately 12 inches in length, this art dall is suitable for hanging from a ceiling.

paper mache

Octopus Sculpture sea creature large paper mache orange with suckers on tentacles, Polka Dot Toadstool studio.