Anna Tzoutzou

Anna Tzoutzou

I'm into everything that is beautiful on it's own way. Keep safe, stay alive and be happy
Anna Tzoutzou
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Peanut butter, low calories brownie

I like to think I’ve learned a few things over the years. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT tell a teenage girl you’re not in love with One Direction and can’t name a single one of its …

Biggest Embarrassment: That I have a room dedicated to my clothes.

Designer, author, and HGTV host Tiffany Pratt's apartment is nicknamed "The Glitter Suite.

Welcome to the colorful Toronto home of Tiffany Pratt, designer, author, and HGTV host.

Tiffany Pratt's Creative Living Room Space Featuring the Matrix Sofa by

Space Savers: IKEA Hacks for Small Closets

Space Savers: IKEA Hacks for Small ClosetsTeeny tiny closet got you down? After you've winnowed your clothes down to the essentials with our Closet Cure (of course), check out these nine clever ways to use IKEA products to squeeze out a little extra stora