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a black and white photo of a woman wearing a shawl with the quote i never needed a mood ring i have a face
two people hugging each other with a heart in front of the caption that reads, you laugh, i laugh, you're very lazy
Amplifon Hearing Clinic - Edmonton
Top 50 happy birthday friend quotes
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a marilyn monroe quote with the words nothing starts my day off quite like when i give inspirational messages to my friends
a woman standing in front of a refrigerator holding a piece of paper with the caption never test a mom she can carry a screaming child, two gallons of milk, talk on her cell and still slap
an advertisement with the words, ain't no such thing as a gold digger women are naturally expensive so choose the chick in your price range & stay in your lane
an older man with white hair wearing a black shirt and pointing to the right side
Disorganized Randomness(ADHD)
Disorganized Randomness(ADHD)
a woman standing in front of a pile of dishes with a thought bubble above her head
a funny thanksgiving card with a turkey holding a pie and saying don't forget to turn your bathroom scales back 15 pounds wednesday night at 1 am for thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving! #HappyThanksgiving #Thanksgiving
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111 Best Dad Joke Memes That Will Make You Laugh