Symi, Greece

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Frigiliana, Spain

Street in Frigiliana, Spain: "White street" from the picture is located in Frigiliana - small, andalusian town. The town is made up of steep cobbled alleyways winding past white houses resplendent with flowers.

Mithymna, Greece

Βackstreet in Molyvos, Greece. Known as one of the most beautiful sightseeing places to visit, Molyvos Village, Lesvos Island, Greece. Photograph by Costas Stamatellis~~

Visby, Sweden

This street in Visby, Sweden, is known as Fish Alley (Fiskargränd) and is one of the most photographed streets in the country. The street's name dates back a few centuries, but the climbing roses were planted in the early

Boston, USA

Acorn Street, USA: It is a narrow lane paved with cobblestones that was home to coachmen employed by families in Mt. Vernon and Chestnut Street mansions.