her aura is purple

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two knitted skirts hanging on a clothes rack
knit miniskirts with drawstring waistband tie handmade fashion
four different colored ice creams on a white plate with pink and purple icing
two skeins of yarn next to a ball of thread and knitting needles on a white surface
Liukouu Angora Wool Yarn, Soft Anti-pilling Mohair Mohair Yarn Anti-shrinkage Washable Mohair Knitting with a Crochet for Weave Scarves, Shawls, Sweaters(white)
a hand holding a purple flower with water droplets on it and pearls hanging from the petals
a postage stamp with a butterfly on it's back and korean writing in the upper corner
tulips 🤡
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there is a cat that is standing in the grass next to some bushes and flowers
~Harmony~ Motherhood & Life on Instagram: "RIP to my beautiful lilac wall that was absolutely obliterated by yesterdays snowstorm 😥 hopefully she will grow back as tall and green as ever"