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an old car is driving down the street
Guy Allen
Guy Allen — Citroën DS
a panda bear holding a martini glass in its hand and celebrating wf's 25th anniversary
tom eckersley
tom eckersley
an advertisement for led zeppelin's celebration day, with a large balloon floating over the city
Led Zeppelin
a drawing of a man sitting in a chair with his feet up on the floor
Vuitton, Lagerfeld and McCartney as you've never seen them before | Design Week
Calvin Re Klein
an image of a multicolored square with lines in the middle and one circle at the center
Remaking the roundel | Design Week
London Underground Peter Blake
a tablet with food on it is sitting on a counter next to other kitchen utensils
Digital Cutting Board - Yanko Design
This smart board is a cutting board that shows you recipes! Very modern piece of technology and lovely design
the rolling stones logo is shown in red and white, with tongues sticking out
Kelkoo Group - The intelligent e-commerce marketing platform