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pregnant women doing yoga with the words our top 10 best exercises to do during pregnancy
Gym Workouts | StyleCraze
Expecting? Take a look at StyleCraze's Top 10: Best Exercises To Do During Pregnancy. They've picked some great ones, and they included some handy video how-tos and a couple full-length workout videos.
the words pregnant nutrition tips are in white and pink on a green background with a woman's silhouette
Pregnancy Nutrition Tips {And Week 17 Photo!} - My Blessed Life™
the different types of food on display
Pregnancy Nutrition Guide. Pretty useful. Although, I did eat raw sprouts and unwashed fruits and veggies, and my son is okay. But it's different for everyone. What I was also advised not to eat (but just in the first trimester) was honey. And after that, just make sure it's pasteurized. So the little bear-shaped bottle is fine. ;)
a pregnant woman jogging in the park listening to music on her headphones and smiling
Your Pregnancy To-Do List