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English Words from Around the World

The vocabulary of modern English owes a lot of its richness to borrowing words from other languages, but it borrows from some languages much more…

As the graffiti on the Athens wall says - our grandfathers were refugees and our parents immigrants - and we are racists.

'Yes, a winky face is correct. But in ancient times, the semicolon was actually used to separate archaic written devices known as 'complete sentences.'' by Fishman, Loren "Back in the old days when I taught school.

For bravehearts only: 13 thrilling skywalks around the globe

OCBC SKYWAY, SINGAPORE Beauty, splendour and sheer architectural brilliance … these adjectives fail to describe this entry on our list. Located in Singapore at the Gardens of the Bay, OCBC Skyway can be described as a man-made wonder.