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a painting with a lamp on top of it in front of a red curtained window
Leg Lamp Canvas Painting
a painting of santa claus on a red background with white swirls and snowflakes
a painting of a smiling snowman wearing a red hat and scarf with white polka dots
Events | Painting Party in Indianapolis, IN
a painting of a gingerbread house with candy and lollipops on it
a painting of two santas sitting on top of a brick wall with the words ho ho hoo
15+ Easy Canvas Painting Ideas for Christmas 2022
a cartoon character wearing a santa claus hat
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there is a painting on the table with some paintbrushes and other items around it
a painting of a woman with her hair blowing in the wind on a blue background
12" x 18" Summer Breeze...."I Wish I Could Think with All The Colors of This Wind" By Artist Ria Unframed Wall Canvas - iCanvas