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the instructions for how to make an appliance crumb muffin recipe on a wooden background
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the instructions for making cinnamon roll
Cinnamon Roll in Ceramic Egg Cooker
microwave omelet on a plate next to a cup and saucer with the words microwave omelet above it
Omelet with the Ceramic Egg Cooker | Pampered Chef
Omelet with the Ceramic Egg Cooker | Pampered Chef check out: pamperedchef.biz/cookwithpaul
banana bread mug cake on a white plate
Ive's Kitchen - Pampered Chef Consultant
Banana nut mug cake using pampered chef Ceramic Egg Cooker Www.Pamperedchef.Biz/ivelissepacheco
a white plate topped with chocolate cake next to a cup of coffee and a fork
Ceramic Egg Cooker
Microwave Brownie Dessert
a person holding a spoon full of oatmeal with bananas and almonds
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Make fresh oatmeal FAST in the Pampered Chef Ceramic Egg Cooker... Get yours for $15.50. Click the image to see this recipe and order yours! #pamperedchef
the ingredients for an egg muffin are shown in this advertisement, which includes