Internet Cafe / Downtown Athens / Greece

IT Café By Divercity Architects In Athens, Greece

Outdoor gallery / Psiri / Athens Greece

Jordan Makarof's outdoor gallery at Avliton street, Psiri, Athens (Greece)

Cafe Melina in Plaka

"Melina Cafe" in Old Plaka District, Athens-Greece. A beautiful little corner cafe, honoring Melina Mercouri, "the last Greek Goddess" according to the cafe owners

36 HRS in Athens

36 Hours in Athens

TRAVEL 36 Hours in Athens The city’s self-confidence and creativity are stirring again after years of tough press that defined Athens as a beleaguered capital.

Pittaki street / Psiri, Athens

The Neighbours got out + decorated - Artemidos street, Athens Pitaki street

Psiri / Pittaki street / Athens Greece

the participatory lighting installation transforms a forgotten street in athens into a new city hot-spot.

Street Art / Exarchia, Athens

Street Art / Exarchia, Athens