Erich Lessing  West Germany. Town of Goslar.   Meeting of the veterans of the German "Afrika Korps", Fieldmarshal Rommel's Army in North Africa. The missing father and son generation.   In the foreground : a young boy wears his dead father's medals

operationbarbarossa: “Meeting of the veterans of the German Afrika Korps, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s army in North Africa. In the foreground, a young boy wears his deceased father’s medals;

Erich Lessing  West-Germany. Town of Duisburg. Workers leaving the steelworks. 1951

Erich Lessing - Workers leaving the steelworks, Duisburg, West Germany

Erich Lessing

Erich Lessing

Erich Lessing Budapest, 1956

During the very cold winter of a small boy carries a large piece of firewood home, Photo credit: Erich Lessing