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an iphone with the caption making the best of every situation on it's screen
51 Crazy Life Hacks That Are Borderline Genius and Hilarious
51 Crazy Life Hacks - One word: genius.
the storyboard shows different stages of an animated character's face and body, with text
Got a problem, Stark? - Comic & Webtoon
Got a problem, Stark?<<<< I first I was giggling and now I'm dying of laughter when Tony said Poor people
an open book with the words sometimes, i shock my self with the smart stuff stuff
24 Funny Animal Memes - Daily LOL Pics
I've already posted this but i've passed it 12 more times since then and i laugh every single time so, there i'm posting it again.
the avengers movie scene with loki and loki's face in different languages, including one that
Top 22 Loki Memes So True – Loki Memes
four different types of people are shown in this poster, with the names of them
Literally, what my family needs in our lives right now Corporate Humor, Manager Humor, Motiverende Quotes, Funny Cute, Minion, I Laughed
30 Hilarious Quotes And Sayings | The Funny Beaver
Literally, what my family needs in our lives right now