Melina Siaveli

Melina Siaveli

Melina Siaveli
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132-Hanne Finseth-05 "House Section 4" 2013, 11.7” x 16.5”, ink on paper, digital collage (photoshop) --

More simple house shapes, light and shadows, layers, black and white

Keke Vilabelda Skyline N10 (2015). Photo: Kir Royal Gallery and SCOPE Art Fair, Basel.

The art fair specializing in young galleries and emerging artists welcomes 85 exhibitors to Basel in June, celebrating its anniversary.

Archisculpture: Incredible Collages by Beomsik Won | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Korean artist Beomsik Won digitally manipulates photos of buildings to deconstruct and reconstruct these structures, creating baffling combinations in this series of collages entitled Archisculpture.

Artist+Jon+Measures+ Mixed+media+ 24+x+24+x+1.5

Jon Measures - super sized collages looks like a mixture of different photos and designs. Looks like it is mirrored and reflected.