Spiros Sidirokastritis

Spiros Sidirokastritis

Spiros Sidirokastritis
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Reconsider yr choices if yr choices are denying someone else th right & giving him a death in sheer horror. Go vegan!

"Veal" is a baby calf who was stolen at birth from his grieving mother. It is common knowledge that the calves desperately try to suckle the hands that shove them onto the kill floor. They have never known their dear enslaved morhers.

Breaks my heart -- The veal industry was created as a by-product of the dairy industry to take advantage of an abundant supply of unwanted baby male calves. If you eat dairy, you support the veal industry.

An apology from Geoffrey Guiliano, the actor who played Ronald McDonald in the 1980's #vegan #vegetarian

Right on Geoffrey Guiliano, for telling it like it is! Ronald McDonald speaks out against McDonald's, and Animal Cruelty/Slaughter.

Animal Welfare, Animal Rescue