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...and you really don't think there was a conspiracy?
modern slave ...
Tom Regan quote
"Agree with me or die."
Sadly, pure logic doesn't work on theists. If theists were logical, they wouldn't BE theists.
Yeah, so before you go condemning the Asian culture for brutally torturing and murdering dogs and cats for food--take a step back and look at where your food comes from. There is NO difference!
It's a given fact the truth is [veiled / revealed] to us by freemasons, (New World Order) they have a code of conduct which is to show to the world their full intentions. Everything they do has significance. Most importantly, it's the time, date and year when the planned event happens!. The 9/11 event was pre-planned, shown to the world, and executed on the date of some important symbolic freemason numeric time line. World War Three is now upon us 2016.