Ivory Moon Upon Lazuli Sea

A delicate ivory moon is set upon a calm lapis lazuli sea, bordered by roped edging and accentuated by handmade floral motifs.

Shields of Grace – Vintage Florals Design

Imbuing strength, confidence, conviction and power, a trio of floral shield unites delicate strands of chains.

Peacocks Lounging in Opulent Garden

A piece masterfully hand-smithed to entice the senses. The soft strands of chains caress your skin, each movement a rhythmic dance of silver chains.

Heritage Carnelian and Ivory Silver Bracelet

Ornate bohemian-style scrollwork invoking the nostalgia of old Hollywood glamour. Striking centerpiece with carnelian and ivory stones on handcrafted medallion,

Heliades Amber Silver Bracelet

A bold piece invoking the magnificence of the Sun. A singular amber stone provides the striking visual piece of this bracelet, carefully chosen from a selectio

Enchantress Amber Silver Bracelet

Sultry, seduction and magic. A medallion hand-carved in bohemian designs holds a piece of brilliant amber, invoking the image of a fortune-teller’s crystal ball

Blooms in Silver Garden

A silversmith's dream of a decadent garden in silver, this bohemian-style floral design is lovingly ‘planted’ by expert silversmiths utilizing century silv

Blazing Amber on Silver

Flames dance inside a radiant amber for an unapologetically dramatic centrepiece. The dramatic boldness is expertly balanced by

Amber Accented Silver Bracelet

Tastefully accented with a piece of amber, this petite silver bracelet is a study in refined simplicity. Expertly handcrafted by master silversmiths, this daint