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Sterling Silver Bracelets

Collection by Silveroots

Shields of Grace – Vintage Florals Design Sterling Silver Bracelets, Bohemian Style, Florals, Floral Design, Belt, Chain, Accessories, Vintage, Fashion

Shields of Grace – Vintage Florals Design

Imbuing strength, confidence, conviction and power, a trio of floral shield unites delicate strands of chains. The bracelet is secured with a bar-latched clasp adorned with ornate bohemian-style floral design. A slender and outstanding piece that exudes an unflinching sense of graceful power. Product code: BC106S2 Mate

Peacocks Lounging in Opulent Garden Peacocks, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Cuff Bracelets, Lounge, Pairs, Belt, Chain, Garden, Accessories

Peacocks Lounging in Opulent Garden

A piece masterfully hand-smithed to entice the senses. The soft strands of chains caress your skin, each movement a rhythmic dance of silver chains. Softly, softly, softly, like a whispered secret only you can hear. A flirty flick of your wrist reveals a masterpiece adorned with a pair of peacocks lounging in an opulen

Ivory Moon Upon Lazuli Sea Floral Motif, Lapis Lazuli, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Ivory, Moon, Sea, Personalized Items, Luxury, Collection

Ivory Moon Upon Lazuli Sea

A delicate ivory moon is set upon a calm lapis lazuli sea, bordered by roped edging and accentuated by handmade floral motifs. The combination of ivory and lapis lazuli connotes a sense of patrician elegance - an unmistakable appreciation for restrained luxury. This stunning geometric piece makes for a beautifully subs

Heritage Carnelian and Ivory Silver Bracelet Old Hollywood Glamour, Carnelian, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Bohemian Style, Ivory, Leather, Jewelry, Fashion, Moda

Heritage Carnelian and Ivory Silver Bracelet

Ornate bohemian-style scrollwork invoking the nostalgia of old Hollywood glamour. Striking centerpiece with carnelian and ivory stones on handcrafted medallion, effortless juxtaposition of glamour and class. An enduring heirloom piece to pass down to your daughter, and for her to pass down to her daughter. This classic

Heliades Amber Silver Bracelet Amber Stone, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Floral, Leather, Beauty, Jewelry, Jewlery, Jewerly, Flowers

Heliades Amber Silver Bracelet

A bold piece invoking the magnificence of the Sun. A singular amber stone provides the striking visual piece of this bracelet, carefully chosen from a selection of stones that accurately depicts the dances of solar flares. With beautifully rendered floral plates flanking both sides of the stone, this is an empowering

Enchantress Amber Silver Bracelet Bohemian Design, Crystal Ball, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Hand Carved, Bracelet Watch, Amber, Chain, Crystals, Accessories

Enchantress Amber Silver Bracelet

Sultry, seduction and magic. A medallion hand-carved in bohemian designs holds a piece of brilliant amber, invoking the image of a fortune-teller’s crystal ball. Connected by delicate strands of silver chains, it slinks across your wrists like a lithe seductress. An arousing piece to awaken the prowling temptress in yo

Blooms in Silver Garden Earth Design, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Bohemian Style, Floral Design, Bloom, Garden, Accessories, Garten, Floral Patterns

Blooms in Silver Garden

A silversmith's dream of a decadent garden in silver, this bohemian-style floral design is lovingly ‘planted’ by expert silversmiths utilizing 15th century silverwork technique. Raw and unpretentious details of leaves and flowers dance and curls in the wind. This piece is a down-to-earth design that reconnects you to t

Blazing Amber on Silver Sterling Silver Bracelets, Bracelet Watch, Amber, Chain, Accessories, Necklaces, Ivy, Jewelry Accessories

Blazing Amber on Silver

Arresting. Commanding. Fearless. Flames dance inside a radiant amber for an unapologetically dramatic centrepiece. The dramatic boldness is expertly balanced by an understated medallion frame and delicate strand of chains. There is simply no looking away with this piece. Product code: BC109S2 Material: 925 Sterling Sil

Amber Accented Silver Bracelet Sterling Silver Bracelets, Amber, Vintage Fashion, Style, Swag, Fashion Vintage, Ivy, Outfits, Preppy Fashion

Amber Accented Silver Bracelet

Tastefully accented with a piece of amber, this petite silver bracelet is a study in refined simplicity. Expertly handcrafted by master silversmiths, this dainty piece marries an almost modern simplicity to vintage-style detailed edgings, for an inexplicable je ne sais quoi. A beautiful adornment on its own, yet equall