Heritage Carnelian and Ivory Silver Earrings

A resplendent pair of masterpiece, every inch is expertly crafted to impress. Ivory is set upon silver flourish which in turn rests on carnelian, and surrounded

Serene Ivory Silver Earrings

A charming pair of earrings in ivory, set on lightly handcrafted silver. Pristine and feminine, the ivory brings forth calm and purity. The bright ivory simply

Seaflower Earrings

From the calm of the ocean, a flower blooms. Featuring silver flower on lapis lazuli, a pair of earrings is almost reminiscent of antique estate jewelry handed

Mystique Amber Silver Earrings

Invoking a sense of mystery and magic, this pair of earrings is reminiscent of ancient treasured coins. The juxtaposition of amber stone against intricate engra

Hexagon Ivory and Silver Earrings

Unpretentious and unassuming, seasoned silversmith masterfully combines tribal design with geometric, minimalist shape. The inner edge of the hexagon is etched

Heirloom Amber Silver Earrings

An heirloom-inspired pair of earrings, stunningly detailed in bohemian aesthetics. Bold amber provides a vivacious visual element, suspending handmade silver ta

Firedancer Amber Silver Earrings

Evocative of the sensuous earrings ancient bellydancers wore, the details in these dramatic earrings is simply impressive.

Earthflower Carnelian and Ivory Silver Earrings

Beautiful vintage square earrings, almost antique in design. An earthy combo of bohemian flower silver carving on carnelian stone, accented with delicate ivory

Boho Flower Ivory and Carnelian Earrings

A simple and sophisticated pair of earrings, smooth ivory is dotted with carnelian stone. The semi-spherical stud features stunning hand-smithed flowers which r