25 Pin2 Ακόλουθοι

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Lotus necklace silver, Delicate necklace, Dainty necklace silver,Gift for her, Yoga necklace,Boho necklace,Flower pendant,Statement necklace

Dragonfly necklace, Sterling silver dragonfly necklace, Handmade silver dragonfly with 16 inch silver chain, Silversmith jewelry, Unique

Aquamarine necklace, Sterling silver necklace, Artisan sterling silver necklace pendant, Handmade jewelry, Gemstone jewelry, Contemporary

Blue chalcedony necklace, Metalsmith necklace, Sterling silver necklace, Tassel necklace with sterling silver pendant, Long tassel necklace

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Amethyst necklace, Amethyst pendant, Amethyst sterling silver necklace pendant, Unique pendant, Handmade silver necklace, Artisan jewelry

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Turquoise tassel necklace, Hand knotted tassel necklace, Long turquoise necklace , Gemstone necklace , Turquoise bead necklace, Handmade

Sterling silver necklace pendant, Gemstone necklace, Carnelian necklace, Artisan necklace pendant, Citrine necklace, Stone necklace handmade