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Wow, that's totally how I am. "Do not just slay your demons; dissect them and find what they've been feeding on." The Man Frozen In Time

Do not just slay your demons, dissect them find what they've been feeding on. Do not just slay your demons, dissect them find what they've been feeding on.

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Quotes About Dimonds : Image Description Love Quotes – I don't know where I stand with you, and I don't know what I mean to you. All I know is every time I think of you, I want to be with you.

This pin is on my wishes board because every girl should wish for a guy like that. Guys, repost this if you agree with this pin. Girls, repost this if you want a guy who would write this pin. Be honest. And I'm being honest this is beautifully written.

This is not a negative post so please do not take this the wrong way.  If you treat someone like crap what do you expect? That they're going to treat you like you're Royal? NO! They taught us the golden rule in kindergarten for a reason.  Treat people the way that you expect to be treated. It is literally that simple What you put out into the world comes back atcha like a boomerang.  SO if you are lacking something in your life ask yourself why. Because in reality it all comes down to…

Unfortunately the word decent to some has a different meaning ! Always pointing and blaming , never able to admit they to weren't very decent or truthful ! Blame games over ! Let it go move on !

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defective, faulty, deficient, imperfect for you, special for others