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Very beautiful length of nails. When you do not know how to give a special stamp to your manicure just one nail on both hands decorate with rhinestones.

taupe nails w/ an interesting accent nail: french tip, glitter topper. easy but glam manicure!

Red color perfectly stands on short nails.

Red color perfectly stands on short nails. Are you looking for nail colors design for winter? See our collection full of cute winter nail colors design ideas and get inspired!

Geometric shapes are popular in the furnishing house, in clothes, but also and when it comes to manicure. The dark red color in the winter months is hit.

This is a very nice Trendy Nail Arts Design in nude or pastel colors with rhinestone or diamond or glitters , It gives sophisticated and luxurious looks in your nails. Its just enough glitz to have a stylish yet not overbearing nail art design.

White color is somehow back in a big way in the world of manicures. And this winter you can use it for decoration one or two nails of both hands. If you add a little rhinestones as it is in the photo you will get rich manicure.

Here we can see a nice combination of dark blue and chrome mirror powder on the little finger, which is perfectly done and gave the appearance of a true small mirror on the nail.

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