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Plastic Codes Decoded

Plastic codes are the numbers on the bottom of plastic products, and the numbers mean different things. Heres a simple infographic to help you decipher.

Discover the Secret to Marketing to Busy People Who Don't Have Time to Read #Infographic

Discover the Secret to Marketing to Busy People Who Don't Have Time to Read #Infographic

Greek Carnival Masks from Naoussa-Greece

Carnival in Athens and Tsiknopempti! Carnival or “Apokries” as the Greeks call it is a continuance or mixture of the pagan Dionysian Festivals held in Ancient Athens to honor God Dionysus, or Bacchus in Latin, who was the God of wine, vines and fertility.

Gidas (Alexandria), Imathia, Macedonia, Greece

During the last 500 years, Folk jewelry in South eastern Europe had suffered from a relative oblivion: First there was a marked Ottoman political control.

Photo of a woman wearing the bridal costume of Episkopi, Imathia, Macedonia. Early 20th century © Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, Nafplio...

Photo of a woman wearing the bridal or festive costume of Episkopi, Imathia, Macedonia.Creation Date: Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation Provider: Europeana Fashion Providing Country: Greece

Greece / photo courtesy Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the custom of Yenitsari and Boules

Traditional 'Genitsaroi and Boules" Carnival clothes of Naoussa, Macedonia Greece