Beautiful artistic wall of light panels. Looks like movable felt squares that can be tilted to catch the light and make new patterns.

shadow light

shadow created by a lamp. Could possible be programmed in a way that the object changes over time. what a neat idea. shadow + light are sculpture, too.

PROJECT Signage Design TERM 2013 199 New Montgomery building is ideally located in the heart of SOMA and features an elegant and modern style.

Light projected through a reverse cut map and displayed on the floor. Experiments In Motion #istallazioni #design #luci

projection of map. glowing map of New York's subway system hangs from a dark ceiling and projects different measurements of time, space & travel upon the ground below / Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture

LOGIFACES - The Original Set 16pcs. #Concrete toy by Planbureau #design Daniel Lakos

Buy online Logifaces - the original set By planbureau, concrete toy design Daniel Lakos, logifaces Collection