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A true love story❤️

Rocky II - Publicity still of Sylvester Stallone & Talia Shire. The image measures 932 * 1000 pixels and was added on 28 February

"Adrian will from now on be my inspiration and role model on being a noble, respectable, and unconditionally loving woman, lover, or wife."                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Rocky While Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) strives to make it as a boxer, it's Adrian (Talia Shire) supporting him from the side of the ring. Love-Filled Lines: Adrian: I'll be here waiting for you." Rocky: "How 'bout I stay here and you fight?

Dr. Johanna Budwig is a popular and respected doctor, who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine six times. She dies in 2003 at the age of 95, and during her life, she cured 90% of her cancer patients. Her cancer treatments included non-toxic ingredients which lead to absolutely no side-effects. Her success Continue Reading

She Turned 2 Simple Ingredients Into a Cure For Cancer, Then the Government Did This To Her… - Health Revolution Magazine