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The Wild Hunt

Detail from a Lord of Shadows poster to be given out at BookCon 2017 -- this bit features Mark and Kieran and several other characters with the horses of the Wild Hunt. Art by Alice Duke.

Mark and his promise to Kieran…

Hello darkness, my old friend… Quick sketch of Mark and his promise to Kieran… God I really can’t wait to see how it all ends:D

Emma and Julian

Completely forgotten I’ve done some Shadowhunter pics -__- Mark & Helen Blackthorn. (”TMI by Cassandra Clare ) Idk why I draw Mark or Helen quite often.

Jesper Fahey by on @DeviantArt

cocotingo: My version of Jesper Fahey from Six of Crows. I can’t help but imagine him with the most beautiful smile (beautiful and contagious) :)J.

As requested, better version of Alice Duke’s gorgeous Los portrait of Emma and Jules fighting off the Riders of Mannan. She’s working on more art now and I can’t wait to see it!