Sjoerd Crezee

Sjoerd Crezee

Sjoerd Crezee
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Haddon Lumbermaker Boards Beams Planks Size Lumber Tree Falls Cut off Chain Saw

This is the ORIGINAL HADDON LUMBER/MAKER chain saw sawmill invented and patented (patent number by my father over 30 years ago. Do you want to trust your saw and safety to a foreign made knockoff?

FARM SHOW - Just Add Water: "Concrete Cloth"

Just add water concrete cloth This stuff is amazing! You could even build a shelter with it. It is actually concrete in a flexible cloth form. Add water it becomes hardened concrete! FARM SHOW - Just Add Water: "Concrete Cloth"

How to Use a Potato to Light Up Your Room for an Entire Month -

Potatoes are a motif of Portal Wheatley attaches GLaDOS's core personality to a potato battery while he takes over the Aperture Science facility.