an icon depicting the face of jesus with his hands on his chin and holding a cross
Κραταιά ως θάνατος αγάπη
Προσκυνητής: Κραταιά ως θάνατος αγάπη
an icon of the virgin mary and jesus christ is holding her hand over her shoulder
an image of jesus holding the head of another person in his arms and wearing a red cap
Mother Mary, mother of every sorrow, give us comfort, give us hope
an image of jesus holding the head of another man
a painting of jesus holding a staff
an image of the crucifix with jesus on it's arm and hands
a painting of jesus holding the head of another person with his arms wrapped around him
the face of jesus is depicted in this metal plaque
Icons of Our Lord Jesus Christ 3
a drawing of a woman's face with lines drawn on the side of it
Тишина Безмолвная
a stone carving of jesus with long hair and beard
Materiality Refined: The Carvings of Andrei Raileanu
the crucifix with jesus and mary on it
a cross with a tree on it
cross coloring pages for kids to print and color on the page is an easy way to learn
Free Cross Symbol Silhouette Vectors | SVG, PNG, DWG, DXF - FreePatternsArea
the cross is shown in blue and white with measurements for each section, as well as numbers
Восьмиконечный православный крест