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a church pew with a white and red cloth draped over it's cross on top
a cross with flowers on it is shown in the shape of a flower pattern,
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a table runner with flowers on it and a cross in the middle is sitting on a bed
the cross is made up of blue and white beads, which are stitched together
Christos Anesti! – Nuts about Needlepoint
Christos Anesti!
a white table cloth with red flowers and a cross stitch design in the center on a wooden surface
makerist - deine Handarbeitsschule im Internet
Osterdecke gestickt
an embroidered table runner with red thread and flowers on it, sitting on a wooden floor
a blue and white cross stitch pattern
Filet-crochet lace 454
a close up of a cross on a white cloth
a cross with flowers and leaves on it is shown in black and white, as well as
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a cross with flowers on it in front of a white background and an ornate frame
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a cross with flowers and leaves on it