Emk El Tony
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I have been making this all-purpose healing salve for years and it has become a staple in my medicine cabinet. It’s made up of simple ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, pure essential oils from Spark Naturals, and a splash of vitamin E to create an organic salve with Neosporin-like properties. A salve that will protect, disinfect AND moisturize! Believe me, this is one workhorse of a salve that you’ll reach for over and over again.

1 cup organic, cold-pressed coconut oil + 1 cup quality olive oil + 4 Tbsp beeswax pastilles + 1 tsp vitamin E oil (optional) + 10 drops Lavender essential oil + 8 drops Lemon essential oil + 6 drops Melaleuca essential oil + 3 to 4 drops vitamin E oil

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