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I think this art work reflects transcendentalism because it represents peace and isolation. This person is sailing in a peace river and is isolated from scoiety and it problems, instead this person is becoming one with nature.

Healing ensues from the willingness to accept the power of mind, and the willingness to never allow the mind to say something negative without challenging it and replacing it with a positive thought. Hawkins (Image: GÜNEŞE YOLCULUK - By Ayşe Tem

No end, no end to the journey no end, no end never how can the heart in love ever stop opening if you love me, you won't just die once in every moment you will die into me to be reborn. Rûmi

I celebrate you my Heather with all my heart ♥ and though I know you are a beautiful Angel in heaven loved and adored by our Sweet Jesus ♥ my "Mothers Heart" ♥ aches for you endlessly. I know Jesus understands.

I wish I could be alone with the moon, where the stars shine and sing and dance in his light. I wish he could steal me away. and let me fall fast I to sleep in his loving arms Good night my Moon ♡ Sweet Dreams ♡ see you soon ♡