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{{ Describe how a narrator's or speaker's point of view influences how events are described }} RL 5.6 {{ Analyze multiple accounts of the same event or topic, noting important similarities and differences in the point of view they represent }} RI 5.6

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Free understanding perspective and point of view printable to go with Toy Story Scene!

Teaching Point of View

We have been busy working on point of view, and most specifically, on how an author's point of view impacts how a story is written or told. I loved some of the activities we did, and I'm excited to share them with you! We started the unit by creating an anchor chart together. (Are you shocked!?) Point of View Anchor Chart My students had an idea of what point of view was, but they needed to solidify their understanding of the types of third person point of view and well as second person…

Point of View Anchor Chart

5th Grade: Language Arts; Point of View

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The Pea and the Princess

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Point of View Circle Map....looking at the same event from multiple perspectives in the story. This would make a great mini lesson or extension lesson. Create one situation, and then have students write down facts from each point of view. This is a great idea that I would use in my classroom. You can have students complete the activity according to a book currently being read in the classroom.

Point of View and Bridge to Terabithia

This week we took a small departure from our main basal story to focus on something I haven't done in YEARS....Core Lit. The look on the students' faces, the twinkle in their eyes, when I handed them an actual book and told them we were going to read it in class was priceless. This, I think, is going to be a great adventure for us. So, with that, I wanted to share with you what we have done so far. First off, I chose to use Bridge to Terabithia for our first novel. Partially because that is…

5 Key Reasons To Teach Differing Perspectives | Literacy in Focus | A Blog For Teachers

5 Key Reasons To Teach Students How To Analyze Differing Perspectives

5 Key Reasons To Teach Differing Perspectives | Literacy in Focus | A Blog For Teachers

Point of View Freebie Pack (First Person, Third Person Lim

Point of View Free Lessons for First Person, Third Person Limited and Omniscient

Point of View Freebie Pack: Simple materials to teach the different forms of point of view!This pack includes...- Sample point of view anchor chart- 4 different point of view posters: First Person, Third Person, Third Person Limited, Third Person Omniscient- 3 handouts: one story written in three d...

Fractured Fairy Tales

Fractured Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are our kindergartners favorite kind of stories. Kindergarten Planet and I loved sharing the most popular fairy tale books. Who doesn't love a good fairy tale? Many classrooms even do complete fairy tale units, and they provide a great way to learn more about storytelling. I especially like to read different variations of fairy tales so that students can learn comparing and contrasting. Fractured fairy tales are so fun because they take a fairy tale that you are familiar with…

These 36 task cards are written at multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. They thoroughly cover Common Core Point of View Standards RL.6 and RI.6. The task cards also contain helpful teaching tips to help students understand these standards. $

Differentiated Point of View Task Cards

If you have looked at the new Common Core Standards, then you already know that Common Core (RL.6 and RI.6) both want students to know some interesting things about point of view. They must know more than first and third point of views. At some grade levels, students must compare firsthand and secondhand accounts of information. They must also determine how a narrator's point of view affects how events are retold. This set of 36 task cards covers each of these Common Core requirements and…