Smaragda Vrochidou

Smaragda Vrochidou

Smaragda Vrochidou
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If I lived in the world created in the Uglies book series by Scott Westerfeld - this is how I would make my eyes! :P So pretty making! she read the book.

Bark Vader

SOLD Darth Vader dog/cat costume Purchased for my cat but she was too tiny, only tried on, in perfect condition. Great for Halloween or just a normal day for dress up. The helmet is bent, came in the mail like that. Size small Other

Mermaid make-up

'ELLO FABULOUS love this for Mardi Gras. Rainbow gems & jewels around the eye - seems simple to do with good ol' eyelash glue or wig tape. NOLA carnival, here I come.

DIY Indoor bunny condo cage. This is the cage I built my rabbit Ruby. Got the idea from the source below.

We're desperately searching for good housing for our three bunnies and guinea pig, all of whom live together.


Ok they spelled Lucy wrong but still BOOOOM goes the dynamite! <--- nah it's a nickname Natsu calls Lucy sometimes and is pronounce as "loose" but yeah, poor Lucy ~w~