i know they are a nuisance... but i oh... so love them! have one tattooed on my wrist. Nothing like being a kid... making a wish... and blowing it into the wind. ahhhhh

Why Vinegar Will Take Over the World


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road to höfn, iceland.

We've always wanted to visit our Nordic neighbor Iceland. May the dream come true soon. What serene beauty she is. Road to Höfn, iceland.

Ellison's Cave, Walker Point, Georgia

Fantastic Pit at Ellison's Cave, Georgia Ellison's Cave far under Pigeon Mountain in northwest Georgia. The cave's "Fantastic Pit," seen here, is the deepest cave drop in the continental United States at a staggering 586 vertical feet vertical meters).

Bridal Veil Falls, Valdez, Alaska

Bridal Veil Falls, Valdez, Alaska - beautiful, and I've been fortunate to visit this site several times.

Pink and white Protea, bright pink Ginger flowers and yellow Spider Mums

Flowers of Butchart Gardens

One Protea and all white?Pink and white Protea, bright pink Ginger flowers and yellow Spider Mums

Sierra de Guara is a magical mountainous protected area in Aragon (Spain). Traversed from north to south by numerous canyons, its turquoise waters are ideal for canyoning and swimming, and the rocks ideal for climbing and potholing. You also can take pleasant strolls in the alleys of Alquezar, a charming village renowned for its collegiate church.

Chile, Catedral de Mármol (an unusual geological formation located at the centre of General Carrera Lake). Photo by Claudio Alvarado Solari. (c) some rights reserved (Attribution, NonCommercial).