From African work. School children in rain storm. Lesotho. 1981. salgado.

School children in rain storm. Lesotho, South Africa ~ by Chris Steele-Perkins This makes me smile.

Coup de vent dans la rue Royale, en 1949. Une photo de © Robert Doisneau  (Paris 8ème)

The city takes a break on Sunday. Of all that’s lost with the pursuit of what’ I hope we don’t lose that … (Howksley Workman) ___ photography by Robert Doisneau, la rue Royale,

Berenice Abbott, Zito’s Bakery, 259 Bleecker Street , 1937, from Changing New York

Snapshots of New York City Street Scenes, 1936-1951

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Illinois Chicago, 1947 "A child playing baseball alone beneath the Elevated. Probably my expression was just as strange as his, for I certainly didn't expect to see a human being here" - Photo & comment Henri Cartier Bresson

Robert Doisneau et Yvette Troispoux, Rencontres Arles 1986 © Patrice Bouvier

Willy Ronis (August 1910 – September was a French photographer, whose best known work shows life in post-war Paris and Prov.