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an icon of jesus surrounded by other people
Pictura Bizantina - Religious icons painted
an ornately painted icon in the center of a room
an image of two angels painted on the side of a church wall, one holding a trumpet
IkonHandmade | Etsy
an angel painted on the side of a wall
КУЦ, КУЦ! Јеси ли баш 100% сигуран да ти је папа брат?
Лет патријарха московског и целе Русије Кирила за Антарктик умало се није трагично завршио када је пукао први заштитни слој предњег стакла авиона на висини од
an angel painted on the side of a building
several different types of hands and gestures drawn in colored pencil
an icon depicting the birth of jesus, with many people around him and one person kneeling down
Οι αγαπημένοι φίλοι του Χριστού.
an icon of the virgin mary
Protection of the Theotokos