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I bet nobody will like this.

I personally think that this post is begging for attention. So do not "like this post" I am purely pinning bc I have been called ugly. -Wetheteens ---- I agree.

I'm reposting this because I would most definitely hug him and show him what a true friend is like !!!

not because it says repost, but because this needs to be spread. People need to know that not only girls feel depressed and cry. Guys cry, tough guys cry too. << And, to add to that, crying is not a weakness.


yep<><> Yes:) but he doesn't like me back and idk hw to tell him so, ya, that's that:)<<<< idk if he likes me or not. he doesnt talk to me tho hes in my science and math class and i sit right by but IDK>> he likes me back

just let it be over

my parents think i'm fine. my friends think i'm fine. my doctor thinks i'm fine. some days even i think i'm fine. i'm not fine at all and i don't know how much longer i can pretend