Sofia Lioli
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Minimalo is simple minimally design resume template for all types of professional.

What a great look for your teens so they can store their favorites...kindles are convenient but you want to keep instilling the love of books themselves..

I see a lot of "almost" bookshelves. They hold books and look "design-y" but they waste energy and space. If you are really into books, it's not about the cute shelves. It's about the books. Make that space hold as many as it can.

Questa selezione di fotografie raccoglie librerie di design interessanti di diversi stili per decorare le pareti e allo stesso tempo tenere in ordine la casa

Já tinha visto em Milão em 2013 na Boffi. CTline bookshelf designed by Victor Vasilev. From a particular angle, this construction looks nothing like a bookshelf, but rather a minimalistic art installation.