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We write a lot about different sorts of interior design, and one thing that we’ve noticed is that some of the most ingenious home products seem to be those that save space in clever ways. This list of clever space-saving… Continue Reading →


In a perfected sauté, your feet point in mid-air before you land- just like this! So pretty!


Lissy Elle - Celebrated Canadian photographer Lissy Elle is well known for her imagination-filled photography, and this shoot is no exception. Lissy Elle often.

Depression Quotes About Life #005 - http://lifetimequotes.info/2014/10/depression-quotes-about-life-005/

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I'm getting better at hiding it and repressing it. But at night no one sees me break down, my feelings and thoughts then roam free. In the morning it starts all over again, in the morning I can escape into the happy world and in moments can actually feel I'm happy.

i lay in bed, for hours in the dark, at night, thinking about every possible thing i fucked up in my life.an loosing her was the most fucked up thing I did. I miss her so much.

Only I know. Even when others say they understand what I am going through, they don't know the depth of my emotions!

depression is a terrible thing. dealing with it, even harder but getting through those thoughts and times when you feel like this is the hardest but once you do is the best feeling because you can conquer it. No matter what you think.