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4-ingredient Strawberry Slushy😍 This is such a refreshing and yummy treat for hot summer days!
banana bread freezer cookies! an easy, healthy, no-bake recipe
this is the best use for your ripe, spotty bananas! a no-bake, vegan, refined sugar free, and gluten-free healthy snack or dessert.
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High Protein Healthy Strawberry Cheesecake Bites
These High Protein Cheesecake Bites are made with a deliciously creamy texture and rich cheesecake filling. They are protein packed, perfect for a post-workout snack and may become one of your new favorite desserts. Summer Desserts | Summer Recipes | High Protein Desserts
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two desserts with bananas and granola on top
Banana Chia Pudding Naturally Sweetened
The Best Banana Chia Pudding you will ever make, and it takes just 5 minutes! This healthy, naturally sweetened chia seed recipe is perfect for breakfast, snacking, or dessert. Plus, it's dairy-free, and gluten-free. Just blend, chill, and enjoy!
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Healthy Chocolate Mousse
But when it comes to a dessert like chocolate mousse, I do like that I can make it slightly healthier, while still enjoying all the goodness of a traditional chocolate mousse.
This STRAWBERRY LEMON SORBET is the perfect summer treat 🍓🍋
Especially because it only has 3 ingredients! You can freeze fresh strawberries but I just bought one frozen bag to make my life easier. I blended this in a food processor but you can also try a powerful blender. You can store in the freezer and let thaw before enjoying but this is the best when eaten right away 😋 By @anythingbutramen Directions: - add frozen strawberries to a food processor along with fresh squeezed juice from lemons and honey and blend - be patient while blending, making s
Rice Waffle Snickers Cake
Healthy fruit snacks