Sofia Tsagkournou
Περισσότερες ιδέες από το Sofia
The LED CUBIK twin armed lighted mirror is a 3x magnification mirror. It has SMD-LED Lighting and Warm White light,it also features full pivotal adjustments adjustment and has HI-Tech touch control. Make yourself beautiful with our LED CUBIK Mirror. Contact us during office hours to purchase your mirror.
Floating toilet and vanity with two sinks and a walk in shower (with two shower heads and a floating bench).
כיורי בטון | כורש בית לעיצוב Lighted Mirror Cubic Limited
Smart drain  Cod.190 - Γραμμικό σιφώνι χωρίς εμφανή μεταλλικά στοιχεία.
Smartdrain the luxe  Cod.180 - Γραμμικό σιφώνι με πλευρικά προφίλ από ανοξείδωτο χάλυβα.
House With Multilevel Decks Surrounded By Gardens
Very sleek. Nice dual rainfall design w/ walk-in. Need correctly sloped floor of course. With a walk-in, the towel rack can be placed by very close.
Mi Casa - Colección | Badkamer | Mi the tikę wall with the ledge and the karve tub...
Shower Oak Grey