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an image of a stick figure holding something in one hand and the word nokia on the other
.жиза жизнее жизненной.
Идеально Manga Comics, Yuri On Ice Comic, Anime Mems, Japan Culture, Stray Dogs Anime, Sports Anime, Yuri On Ice, Fun Comics, Anime Memes
@дневники: асоциальная сеть
a young man with green hair sitting in front of a wall covered in colorful graffiti
an image of a cartoon character with scissors in his hand and the words russian on it
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an owl with the words in russian above it
просто ЛАФИ ♛
Куст Лафи
a cartoon character with a pipe in his mouth and the caption says, russian
😆😆😆 Чистый Онегин
two people dressed in costumes, one with an orange hair and the other wearing black
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the words are in russian and english on a white background with an image of a clock