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Σοφια Sofi
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The type of food to eat when on a diet consisting of raw food is one of the most important aspects of this diet scheme. It is important to identify exactly what is considered as “raw food”.

NASA Diet: Χάνετε μέχρι 10 κιλά σε 2 εβδομάδες

Low-carb diets lead to more weight loss than low-fat diets. Meta-analysis of 53 randomized controlled trials including participants found low-carb diets to yield significantly more weight-loss. Among the more aggressive diets studied high-fat diets

Πείτε αντίο στα γυαλιά σας και βελτιώστε την όρασή σας με αυτή τη καταπληκτική συνταγή!

In the late a famous Russian doctor and surgeon who has worked in an eye - Vladimir Petrovich Filatov sais to his patients to make an alternative medicine mixture and start using it besides the regular medical treatment