Abandoned airport, Hellenikon, Greece

An auxiliary control tower stands in front of the east terminal of the former Athens International airport, Hellenikon.

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In a weed-strewn corner of what was Ellinikon International Airport, a small collection of abandoned Olympic Airlines passenger jets stand silent and unloved.

Defunct Airliners at Athens' Closed Ellinikon International Airport

The world's abandoned airplane graveyards are spectacular to behold; corroding hulks of mighty fighter jets, bombers and commercial craft turning to rust.

Athens Ellinikon International Airport (closed since 2001) - Olympic Airways Boeing 747-200

Inside Ellinikon Airport's Abandoned Boeing 747

In Ellinikon airport, Athens, an abandoned Boeing 747 rests amongst a collection of old Olympic Airlines passenger jets left there when the facility closed in



Douglas DC-3 of the Hellenic CAA at Ellinikon Airport in April 1973

Douglas of the Hellenic CAA at Ellinikon Airport in April 1973

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Athens' Abandoned International Airport Is Incredibly Creepy

Athens Ellinikon Airport (closed since 2001)

Athens Ellinikon Airport (closed since



greece | athens | elliniko | closed 2001

greece | athens | elliniko | closed 2001