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the house is made out of black wood and has large windows on it's sides
Carbonized Wood: A Traditional Japanese Technique That Has Conquered the World
Carbonized Wood: A Traditional Japanese Technique That Has Conquered the World,Villa Meijendel / VVKH architecten. Image © Christian van der Kooy
a wooden walkway leading to a black building in the middle of some trees and bushes
format elf nestles dark barn-shaped houses into bavarian forest
a black building on the side of a road next to a brick wall and trees
Gallery of Sunken House / Adjaye Associates - 2
two people walking down a sidewalk next to a tall black building with vertical slats on it
GM Store - Jacobsen Arquitetura
The inside of this store in São Paulo is entirely fair-faced concrete. The façades were finished in carbonized wood boards and slats.
an open door is shown in front of a wall with wood planks on it
Essex House
Essex house: Modern rural house in the woods, chevron cladding
the side of a building that has a window on it and is made out of wood
Interesting colour....? | Eingangsbereich Haus
the house is made out of wood and glass
50 Shades of Wood is a timber dentist surgery in Bruges
Dentist practise in Bruges by Declerck Daels
a wooden house with glass doors and plants
Villa Carlsson
Villa Carlsson
an entrance to a building with wooden doors and flowers in the foreground on either side
Inspireras & hitta din unika Ytterdörr I Bovalls Dörrbyggeri
a black wall with a white and yellow painting on it's side next to a light switch
Gallery of Hillside Residence / Alterstudio Architecture - 4
Image 4 of 17 from gallery of Hillside Residence / Alterstudio Architecture. Photograph by Casey Dunn