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a table topped with plates of food next to vases filled with flowers and water
Nederlandstalige gids in Athene, A gem called Athens.
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a woman's hand with pink nail polish on it
How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home Without Ruining Your Nails
How to Remove Gel Polish at Home Without Destroying Your Nails | Have a love-hate relationship with gel nail polish? The pros: The polish is super shiny and lasts for weeks—there's no annoying chips regardless of how many dishes you do. The cons: The dreaded removal process takes time and can seriously wreck your nails. We asked celebrity nail expert, Tracylee (@luxebytracylee), for her advice on taking off gel polish at home.
a close up of a person's hand on the back of a white statue
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persons feet on white textile photo – Free History Image on Unsplash
two hands touching each other in front of a black and white photo
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