Maria Papadopoulou

Maria Papadopoulou

Maria Papadopoulou
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Handmade Driftwood Sail Boat, with lighthouse, Driftwood Art, Driftwood decor, handpainted driftwood art from Ireland via Etsy

Handmade Driftwood Sail Boat, with Lighthouse, Driftwood Art, Driftwood Decor, Handpainted Driftwood Art from Ireland

A driftwood sculpture: Artist Anita Russell

A driftwood sculpture: Kelly this is too pastel and a little trite for your d├ęcor but I think a driftwood sculpture in all neutral tones could work.

Irish driftwood mirror, handmade driftwood mirror from Ireland, driftwood decor, driftwood furnishings

his feet and fingers were webbed, his skin was silver with scales, his hair was made of soft, green seaweed.

driftwood fishing boat

driftwood fishing boat - will have to make a similar one from a photo I took at Icy Straits a few years ago and hang the two together.