Sonja Heinzelmann

Sonja Heinzelmann

Sonja Heinzelmann
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If I had on old stump in my yard, this is what I would do with it!

yes to the idea of building a gnome house or fairy house from an old tree trunk- no to that specific roof.

If I ever have to deal with a stump, I think this is a great way!

The Hobbit House tree sculpture on Margaret Street, as carved by artist Walter van der Windt of Moores Falls, Ontario.such talent! maybo for the trunk of a dead tree!

Elfenbaum ...

Give your garden elf a beautiful home nestled between plants or hidden in a tree trunk with these fairy door ideas - Sincere Gardening

. tiny haus .

If you are trying to getting rid of tree stumps in your garden, wait. See these tree stump ideas below. You have no idea that you can make so many things out of them.