Plaka, Athens

Plaka, Athens

Souvlaki, Greece

Sandwiches from around the world - a list of international sandwiches with various meat and veggies. some look healthy, some don& but a lot look really good. check it out and adjust prn.

"Volos Sets Guinness Record for Largest Syrtaki Dance" - "Some 5,640 people, aged from 14-to-89 danced to the music of Mikis Theodorakis’ Zorba the Greek, filling the town square and making it into the book of the Guinness World Records" YouTube:  Article:

"Volos Sets Guinness Record for Largest Syrtaki Dance" - "Some people, aged from danced.

Acropolis, Athens

Acropolis in Athens Extra Large Wallpaper - HD Wallpapers


Konstantinos, the protector saint of Volos.

Vanilla "Submarine" - In Greece vanilla fondant is often served as a “spoon sweet”. You dip your spoon in the fondant, scoop a little, dunk it in a glass of cold water and lick it like a lollipop.

Mastic spoonfuls, the traditional sweet from Chios island, Greece

Kyma's Loukamades

Loukoumades (pronounced loo-koo-mah-thes) ,are the Greeks’ answer to donuts "For those of you not familiar with loukoumades, they are the most heavenly fried donuts; served warm, drizzled with hone.