Architectural designer Sebastian Mariscal and project manager Jeff Svitak created a house in Venice, California, for Michael and Tamami S...

2016 Design Trend: Bringing the Outdoors In--Indoor Outdoor Living - Venice Beach CA Architectural designer Sebastian Mariscal and project manager Jeff Svitak - Dwell Magazine

Benidorm Waterfront, Benidorm, Spain designed by OAB Ferrater & Partners

Gallery of Benidorm Seafront / OAB - 36

Benidorm Seafront / OAB (Office of Architecture in Barcelona). It urban landscape snakes along the Benidorm seascape in Spain. The region is a popular attraction outfitted with high rise buildings, promenades, the bars, and the water.

Brandscape Architects | Modern8 on Behance - Russ Gray

This poster was designed both as a mailer and as a leave-behind with potential clients who work in the built environment. This project was self-initiated while working at At the time, as I brainstormed marketing for our company, I kept thinking w…

Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany.

Daily Overview: Captivating Satellite Images of Earth

Snake Ranch: Photo

*Energy Levels - Abstract Modeling, use drilling holes: making it more sparse in the structure to create a sense of how dense it is - in turn this would create more of a public energy level compared to a more individual sense of energy

Casa de Campo by Reyes Ríos   Larraiín Arquitectos

Built by Reyes Ríos + Larraín Arquitectos in Seye, Mexico with date Images by Schalkwijk-Troche-Reyes-Patrón. The shell of hacienda Bacoc was built between 1880 and 1910 for the production of sisal fiber.