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a woman with flowers on her head sitting at a table in front of a white wall
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Kiki Xue ‘White Dream’
a black and white photo of a rock formation with clouds in the sky behind it
Tindaro, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
an abstract image of a woman in black and white with red, blue, and grey colors
Adam Martinakis: la imagen es todo
Adam Martinakis
an image of a man's face made out of strips of metal sheeting
Adam Martinakis Digital Art
two metal figures sitting in front of a wall with squares and rectangles on it
Artworks by Adam Martinakis
Adam Martinakis
two hands reaching out to each other in front of a building with stairs and railings
Adam Martinakis
an abstract sculpture with two faces in the middle
3D art by Adam Martinakis - Ego - AlterEgo
there are two skeleton statues in front of the bank building door, one is looking at another
Adam Martinakis, 1972 | Surrealist Digital painter
a person with black and white makeup has a red ball in his head
3D Digital Sculptures by Adam Martinakis
two black and white figures are facing each other with their heads touching one another's forehead
The kiss by Adam Martinakis